Monday, April 8, 2013

Art is Life...and things roll on..BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

to all my students, parents and friends
Art Life Studio
is hitting the road. 


I bought a 1968 International Harvester Metro Mite step van about a year ago...and thanks to the awesome crew and Johnny Crumby at Music City MotorWorks we are almost finished with the renovation of this vintage beauty.  
Art Moves will be ready to roll this bring you a complete mobile art experience for your event or party. 

Art Moves is Art Life..... on wheels.  

There are big things ahead for this studio in the tree tops. 
I want to thank you for all the time I got to be there with you - creating memories.
This special place is filled with so many memories. 
So many of you - so many moments when I saw your face light up and REMEMBER something you already knew....that you have a passion to create things...that you are an artist.

and you learned.
 and you laughed....a lot.

I have a new's me and my vintage van mobile art studio, with a new focus.
I want to reach more people in the city of Nashville, and surrounding cities
I want to fill up my own creative creating new work, new curriculum, and generate new and fresh project ideas
  I will focus on special events, on-site art group education, school and teacher in-service workshops, and of course the most unique art parties for you and your friends!

Stay tuned....because new and exciting things are to come.   I wish you all a summer full of creativity and discovery....and be sure to look out for information from Art Moves, Nashville's original art studio on wheels....because it's coming soon!
As always, be inspired.
Look out for life being art, it's all around you.
Find the beauty, find the uniqueness...because
There are no wrongs and rights your creation.
It's just as it should be.
It's your creation,
and you are the artist,

Thank you for all the memories.
Juli Schumann
Art Life Studio

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Break mini-camp

Spring Break Mini-Camp
Davidson County 
March 18-20
10:00-2:00 daily
Art camps here feel like home.  Our small class size, sunny studio, and generous outdoor space allow fertile ground for creating.  Ages 5 and up can come for most of the day to make art while making friends.  We paint outside, make messy sculptures, create A LOT in clay, and learn about each color we see.  Fine art materials mixed with a rich art curriculum create great experiences and project results.
$135 for three days, bring a lunch!
email for registration

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Drawing and Painting {learn to see} Ages 8 & up

Drawing and Painting {learn to see}

Ages 8 & up

$120 - 4 classes - all supplies included (with a take home art supply kit!)

This is a class for your 3rd -6th grader who is ready to focus on the basics of drawing with multiple lessons to strengthen his/her understanding of drawing what we SEE!
Lessons in creating value (light and dark in a drawing), using the right instruments, adding perspective and overlapping, drawing in a gestural/active way, learning to talk about your own work and others work (beginning critique) all in a non competitive nurturing environment!

Classes begin February 23rd - meet for 4 consecutive Saturdays
pay a deposit here!

Instructor:  Juli Schumann

Copyright © 2013 Art Life Studio, All rights reserved.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Art Camp..spring mini camp in March 18-20

Art MINI-CAMP intercession break

March 18th -20th, 2013

  3 days 10:00-2:00


All supplies for a fun filled MULTI MEDIA art camp are included.  Projects in clay, sculpture, tie dye, fabric and sewing crafts, painting, drawing, and collage.

Layers of Non-Commitment

Heap on the materials.
Anything can be covered up.
Nothing is a mistake. 
Maybe even years later you would want to change the way it looks.
Nothing has to be permanent.
This is good for the artist, fleeting for just might be moved, or covered up.

Is this lack of commitment.  Or is it a feel good approach so that people don't get too serious?  I tell my young students to not be too attached, too concerned about each mark, too anything about what they make.  The process is just as important as the product.  

Sometimes I think that I tell people to just make a mark, to make a mark.  The very act of putting some kind of mark on the canvas sets in motion an energy to create. 

So heap it on...don't be too serious.
Make a commitment to not make a commitment....see what happens.